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Jackson’s Death Exposes Abuse of Celebrities by Society

Jackson’s Death Exposes Abuse of Celebrities by Society

The Radionian
By Ashton Pittman, Opinions Editor
November 2009, Volume 86, No. 2

Only four months after the pop legend’s death, a new film composed of footage from the tour Michael Jackson was preparing for is set to be released with footage from live rehearsals. Yet even in the aftermath of his troubled life, individuals and the media are still relentlessly hounding him with accusations and criticisms.

In fact, at the very hour news of his death hit, there were journalists on live television across multiple news networks reminding everyone that he had been suspected of child molestation amongst numerous other impolite conversations. On Facebook, everyone had something to say about his death in their status updates, including some who said that they were “glad that the child molester is dead.”
After living an extremely troubled life, growing up with an abusive father who only cared for him as much as he could exploit him for financial gain, living through numerous trials that publicity seeking parents had brought against him, an easy target, Jackson died only to continue to be the recipient of our harshest criticisms and least compassion.
Yet Jackson’s actions in life never provided evidence that his critics were correct in any way. In fact, they proved the opposite.
Perhaps because of his missed childhood, he never truly grew. Though hurt himself, he still saw the world through more innocent eyes than most of us, choosing to see the good in people and the need that others had. Guinness even identifies him as the most charitable celebrity in the world.
Look at the lyrics to many of Jackson’s songs and you will not see the perverse, hateful, womanizing, and downright despicable lyrics that so much of today’s popular music is made of. Instead, you will read lyrics about unity, a better world, and love for others.
Michael was not a child molester; he simply loved children, perhaps because he identified more with their innocent optimism, untainted by the bitterness that comes from life experience, than he did with the pessimistic realism of most adults. He’s even quoted as attributing his love for children to his faith, once saying that “Jesus said to love the children and be like children.”
If Jackson had a fault, it was his naivety in failing to realize that there were ravenous wolves who would take advantage of his tenderheartedness, seeing him as an easy target to use for the purpose of garnering fame and money for themselves.
Even though Jackson was acquitted both times due to insufficient evidence that he ever acted inappropriately towards a child, the damage was already done, and much of the media and the public had already condemned him.
We love to see the famous fall from grace, and when they do, we love to jump on the bandwagon of beating them up, mocking them, and treating them as if they are less than human.
In a way, this makes us feel better about our own problems and our own mistakes, and also assuages the jealousy some of us have towards those who have achieved fame and fortune. But of the thousands of celebrities who have suffered such a fate at the hands of the public, Michael Jackson is probably the least deserving. Yet even in death, he can’t seem to escape the endless barrage.
Next time you are tempted to levy criticism against Michael Jackson or any other celebrity, perhaps you should stop, take a look at the man in the mirror, and ask him to change his ways instead.


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