Examine Reasons for Season

Examine Reasons for Season

The Radionian
By Ashton Pittman, Opinions Editor
December 2009, Volume 86, No. 3

Christmas seems to begin earlier and earlier each year. Retail giants such as Wal-Mart and Target grow increasingly competitive with the fight for early holiday sales and promotions. This is true to such an extent that it seems that the spirit of Christmas that made it such a joyful event has been muddled behind the marketing aspect of it.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of eager moms, dads, spouses, and very good friends are up in the pre-dawn hours to line up outside malls, toy stores and department stores in order to catch the much anticipated Black Friday sales. Once the doors open, chaos ensues as people sprint in all directions to find the Christmas gifts they come seeking. Maternal fervor kicks in all across the country as moms battle each other for the last remaining of the year’s most popular toy.

This cartoon won first place for Best Cartoon in the Student division of the Mississippi Press Association's "Better Newspaper Contest," 2009-2010.

Tragically, last year, one Wal-Mart employee at a location in Long Island was trampled to death by an out-of-control mob while four other shoppers were injured, including one pregnant woman who had to be rushed to the emergency room. The mob of shoppers also knocked the doors off of their hinges at the store’s entrance.

If Christmas is about peace on earth and good will toward men, then it follows that such pandemonium isn’t the best example of the Christmas spirit.

In former times, Christmas was a more whimsical and family-oriented time of singing, dazzling lights and decorations. It was a time when people recognized the less fortunate in the world and gave in charity. Christmas was also a time of giving gifts to family and friends.

Today, however, that idea of giving has been superseded by the mad rush to obtain the gifts themselves. In many ways, it has almost because a sport for many to find the best deals and most sought after Christmas gifts.

So this year, take a step back and remember why we buy Christmas gifts in the first place. While we may be eager to rush out with the masses, stop and remember that Christmas is meant to be a time of peace and joy, not a time of stress. While the old adage that Christmas is about giving and not about receiving is true, it is also true that while Christmas is about giving, it is not about buying gifts.


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