New York Terrorist Trials Present New Dangers to U.S.

New York Terrorist Trials Present New Dangers to U.S.

The Radionian
by Ashton Pittman, Opinions Editor
December 2009, Volume 86, No. 3

The decision of the Obama administration to send five 9/11 conspirators to New York City to stand trial in a civilian court just blocks from the final resting place of more than 2,700 U.S. citizens further highlights that the current president of the United States does not recognize that we are a nation at war.

Left: 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad Right: Slain American journalist Daniel Pearl

Of the five conspirators being brought to New York, the most infamous is Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, the mastermind and, according to the 9/11 Commission Report, “the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks.” He also claims responsibility for the 2002 beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl, having confessed to a U.S. military tribunal that he “decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew, Daniel Pearl.”

Mohammad and the other four had been held under the Bush administration at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, where they were to be tried in military tribunals as war criminals. Now, under Obama, these “alleged” terrorists will be given the same legal process with the same rights and privileges as any American citizen would for a common crime–by the same justice system that let “alleged” murderer O.J. Simpson go free.

Of all the bad policy decisions Obama has made since January 2009, this is the most outrageous. It is a slap in the face to every soldier who has fought or died in this war, every New York citizen, and most importantly, every family who has lost a loved one in the war waged against the United States and Western society. Indeed, many 9/11 families and others have expressed intense anger over this decision.

Daniel Pearl’s family was especially grieved and shocked. Expressing that he was sick to his stomach by the news, Pearl’s father went on to say that he didn’t “want to hear every morning what [Mohammad] did . . . Danny was killed once. Now he will be killed ten times a day. Leave him alone.”

That brings to light one of the greatest travesties of this decision: Mohammad will get exactly what he wants. The media circus that will be sure to follow these trials will give him the exposure he so craves, ensuring him public martyrdom for the cause of holy Jihad. He will have a pulpit to spew his anti-American venom, in which he will mock the victims in the face of their families and proudly boast of his actions.

Not only that, but he and his defense team are sure to turn the trial around into a trial against the Bush administration’s interrogation tactics. A key part of Obama’s presidential campaign was to accuse the Bush administration of torturing terrorists at Guantanamo. These interrogations, which included water boarding Mohammad, extracted information which helped prevent terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, such as the planned crashing of a hijacked airliner into a building in Los Angeles. Still, it is certain that part of Mohammad’s defense will include allegations of torture.

The legal wrangling will be exhaustive. Because the Bush administration treated the five as war prisoners, rights that a citizen would have were not given to these “alleged” terrorists. Now that they are being tried as civilian criminals, there is ample room for treasonous, money hungry defense attorneys to argue that the evidence collected by the military against them be inadmissible and that they be excused because “their rights” were violated.

Most dangerous of all, this move will make New York City an even greater target for acts of terrorism than it already is. Millions of tax payer dollars will have to be spent protecting the victim’s families, the jurors, the judges, and anyone else involved in this trial, including–yes–the terrorists themselves. Killing anyone involved in the prosecution of this crime would be one of the most emboldening acts since 9/11 to those who hate America.

The most infuriating element at play are the political motivations behind this; Obama is so intent on proving to the world that he is “not like Bush” that he is willing to revert to a pre-9/11, pre-war mindset in order to give these barbarians a “fair trial,” endangering thousands of citizens and causing emotional grief to thousands of families all at once in the name of politics. He has discarded the term “war on terror” in exchange for “overseas contingency operation,” and refuses to acknowledge the Fort Hood massacre as another act of Islamic terrorism. Not only are these actions astonishingly callous, but they are cowardly.

While Islamic radicals are engaged in a holy war against America, Western society, and our values of freedom, diversity, and respect for human life, Obama is treating them as mere rogue criminals whose crimes should be punished in federal court. While thousands of families and friends continue to remember the atrocious acts of war that claimed the innocent lives of their loved ones, our President fails to acknowledge the truth of the enemy we all face. While our soldiers are dying daily in a war for our way of life, with no illusion as to why they fight and die, Obama cannot understand why they fight nor what they fight for as he refuses to be the Commander-in-Chief of a nation at war.

President Obama: Have you forgotten? Or did you ever even know that on September 11, 2001, our nation was at war?


6 Responses to “New York Terrorist Trials Present New Dangers to U.S.”

  1. 1 Zach December 10, 2009 at 2:26 PM

    So what about the Nazis in WW2? Should we of just killed them all? Your tired talking points are getting thin.

    • 2 UnWelcome Honesty December 10, 2009 at 2:40 PM

      Well, I would have much preferred killing all the Nazis than letting them kill millions of Jews and others.

      But your point really isn’t making much sense. Can you give me a little more explanation as to how this post links to WWII? Thanks.

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